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Sustainability is not about doing less harm, but about doing more good.

So let's talk about the importance of sustainable packaging. @theperfectpackaging, through The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is making steps to create less negative environmental footprint. Who is the FPA? The FPA has been the voice for the U.S. flexible packaging industry since 1950. The flexible packaging industry leads important packaging trends by extending shelf life and increasing product design flexibility and sustainability. This has led to a wide array of benefits.

Flexible Packaging:

Reduces waste at every stage of its life. In the U.S., 1/3 of food waste is from cooking or serving too much, and 2/3 of food waste is due to the spoilage of food. Flexible Packaging helps extend the shelf life of food products, both in store and at home. This decreases food waste.

Creates less environmental footprint. When the full life cycle of packaging is considered, flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture, reduces product waste, and sends less material to landfills. Because of this, environmental benefits include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel usage, and water usage.

Can be up-cycled and reused. About 50% of flexible packaging can be recycled through in-store drop-off programs, while the other 50% can be chemically recycled or used as energy feedstock. There are also several flexible packaging recycling initiatives currently in operation, including The Materials Recovery for the Future and The Hefty® EnergyBag® program.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of Flexible Packaging and I'll keep making a point to shop for products made with sustainable packaging, like my favorite CLIF BARS® for example! These little steps matter in reducing food waste, so let's all be mindful of what products we are investing our money in. Make sure to recycle your flexible packaging and find local recycling locations for the different types of flexible packaging. You can learn more here.


 I'm Emily, creator of Leisurely Lane! I'm a Colorado lifestyle blogger here to create meaningful content to inspire you through travel, fashion and more!



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