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My Flower Journey

The last time I created a floral arrangement like this was a year ago, and wow, it feels good to create with them again. My flower journey began my senior year of college when I took a floral design class. Each week we had lectures about the history of plants and florals through major time periods, and each week we had a specific floral arrangement we created. At the end of the semester, we turned in a portfolio of each arrangement we created.

There was something so pure and wholesome learning about the history of flowers and creating unique designs. It was like an escape for me. Since then, I've resulted to Instagram being my flower portfolio. I've created a few designs here and there, but mostly have gotten creative by incorporating flowers into my photos as props.

Another huge inspiration for why I began creating with flowers is @field_and_forage. This mother/daughter duo runs a beautiful flower farm and business in my hometown. They host floral arrangement events and book clubs. I've been to a few events where we created flower crowns, bouquets, and table arrangements.

During one of the book clubs, we read “The Language of Flowers”. The novel follows the distressing life of Victoria Jones, who by the age of 18, had lived in 32 foster homes. She becomes an established flower designer and places an emphasis on creating meaningful flower arrangements for her clients. This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. I highly recommend it if you love flowers, thrill, and romance.

Reading this novel sparked another wave of inspiration to learn more about Floriography, which is the communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Through the flower photos I create and share over on my Instagram, I love to provide fun facts and explain the meaning of different flowers.

So this Spring and Summer I’m making it a priority to share more about flowers and their meanings here on my blog as well, while giving you all the floral photo inspiration. You can expect lots of floral design tutorials, too. Welcome to my own little flower world!


 I'm Emily, creator of Leisurely Lane! I'm a Colorado lifestyle blogger here to create meaningful content to inspire you through travel, fashion and more!



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