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Easy Floral Design Tutorial

Back in college I took a floral design class and ever since I've been obsessed with adding flowers to every aspect of my life. Flowers are scientifically proven to boost your mood and bring joy into your life! During the class, I studied how to arrange and upkeep flowers, the history of flowers, as well as the meaning of different flowers.

I really needed something to fill my spare time back in March during quarantine. One of my quarantine hobbies was making floral designs, including the one you see above. This design looks professional but it was actually so easy to make, anyone can do it! So here is a little tutorial on how to design something similar in a vase you most likely have at home.


🌸 Gather your materials. You'll need: a short vase that has a wide opening, scissors, and 4 or 5 different types of flowers.

🌸 Once your flowers are cut to your desired length, start with your "line" flower to establish the shape of your design. My line flower is snapdragon and I added two on each side of the arrangement, two angling down and two angling up.

🌸 Next add in your “form” and “mass” flowers, which are the carnations and roses that you see. This will be the bulk of this design, and just add them to fill the vase as you see fit! Make sure to pay attention to all sides of the piece.⁣

🌸 Finally, add in your “filler” flowers and/or "foliage" such as baby’s breath and eucalyptus. It’s important to add these smaller bits last. Disperse them in between the other flowers to fill in any empty spaces.⁣

There you have it! A super simple flower arrangement that smells and looks amazing in your home. Something like this would make for the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Bookmark this for later if you want to get crafty with flowers. If you create one please tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see them and repost them!


 I'm Emily, creator of Leisurely Lane! I'm a Colorado lifestyle blogger here to create meaningful content to inspire you through travel, fashion and more!



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