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A Guide to Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge Recommendations

I've created a list of over 10 must see spots in Breckenridge that includes some of the best activities, food and beverage, and lodging options. To make it easier for you, use the map below to click through the points on the map. The points include addresses, descriptions, pictures, and URL's of each recommendation. The map is powered by Proxi, which is a free, collaborative, and customizable map marking tool. It makes for an interactive, easy-access travel guide. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when planning your travels! You can also create a map just like mine that shares specific locations for all your friends to refer back to!

About Proxi

Proxi is a mapping site that allows you to create maps anywhere around the world for free! The site provides everything you need to build a map that is actually useful to others. You can add as many points as you would like. With each point you create, you can add links, photos, a description, and directions. The maps are very easy to create and navigate, so you could say that building travel guides from past travels, as well as for future adventures, is made so much easier with Proxi. I am a visual person when it comes to consuming anything travel related online, so it sure helps to have an interactive service to refer to when researching and planning trips! You can learn more about Proxi here.

How Does Proxi Work?

First, start with a blank template to customize your map. This only takes a few seconds, and you can customize the map and edit the settings at any time. You'll be taken to an admin portal where you can add points and customize your map (for free!). Next, check your email which will update your map with each point you add. Links and directions to use your custom map will be emailed to you as well. And finally, share and crowdsource your map points! You can directly share the full screen map or embed it on your own site like I did above. Building a map with Proxi is a seamless, user-friendly experience!

My Map

The bulk of my questions that come through on my Instagram consist of asking for Colorado recommendations. Instead of curating a blog post of each mountain town or tourist area in Colorado, you'll be seeing a lot of these maps in the future! The map I created is a Breckenridge Travel Guide that includes my favorite spots to visit, places to eat or grab a drink, hiking, and more. Feel free to click around and use this map as a guide to your adventures in Breckenridge. Oh! And don't forget...if you have been to Breckenridge and have some epic spots, you can add them to the map yourself! Here's the link to my map on Proxi. Happy mapping!


 I'm Emily, creator of Leisurely Lane! I'm a Colorado lifestyle blogger here to create meaningful content to inspire you through travel, fashion and more!



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