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5 Things to do in Denver, CO

1. Hiking at Roxborough State Park

You can't go to Colorado without doing some kind of outdoor activity. There are dozens of scenic hiking trails, and I highly recommend visiting Roxborough State Park to hike and picnic! There are several trails to choose from, depending on how high or how long you want to hike for. My fiancé and I decided to take the 6.2 mile hike up to the very top of the mountain. Let me tell you... it was the most gorgeous hike ever. You could see the city in the distance on one side, and on the other side you could spot the snow-capped mountains way into the horizon.

2. Denver Arts festival

If you have a thing for music and the arts, the Denver Arts Festival is the place to be. There are several art events happening this summer in Denver that you don't want to miss out on if you are in the area! I love talking to the different artists about how they began their creative journey and their passions. Some even offer art classes you can partake in the Denver area and several other locations. It is such a good way to get connected to the creative locals there and appreciate good art and music.

3. Italian at Panzano

If there is one food recommendation I have, it's dining at Panzano, an upscale Italian restaurant in downtown Denver. I've never been to Italy, but I think this may be as close as it gets to real Italian in America. I am a massive foodie, and this was hands down the best Italian I've ever had. If you go, you absolutely have to get the Bolognese Di Manzo. It's a classic Italian pasta dish that you'll be drooling over (I still am over a week later). The wine selection is also outstanding, and the service was impeccable.

4. Explore 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall is where you'll find loads of shopping, coffee, and eatery. This street is in the heart of downtown, so everything fun is connected to it or within walking distance. The Denver Pavilions was my favorite area to shop at. It's an outdoor mall with all of your favorite shops, and there are many restaurants within it. I love this area and everywhere along 16th because it gives you the full taste of downtown. So if you want to explore the city at its core, definitely walk along the blocks of 16th Street Mall. Maybe before you spend hours exploring the inner city, grab some coffee at Little Owl.

5. Visit Union Station

Union Station was one of my absolute favorite places in Denver. If you've ever been to NYC and visited Grand Central Station, it's massive. But Union Station is very different. Of course you can catch a train, but there is SO much to do in and around the station. There are many dining options, including Snooze for breakfast, that look incredible. Countless local shops line the borders inside, there are a couple bars to grab drinks, and you can even stay in the hotel at Union Station. The aesthetic of the interiors was to die for as well. It definitely felt quite posh and modern walking around inside. 

 Thank you for reading! Enjoy your visit to Denver if you're headed there anytime soon :)


 I'm Emily, creator of Leisurely Lane! I'm a Colorado lifestyle blogger here to create meaningful content to inspire you through travel, fashion and more!



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